I have been writing and acting practically my whole life. I honestly cannot even remember how old I was when I discovered my love for the arts. Even though I enjoy acting, my God-given talent is writing, I remember as a child writing poems, short stories, and plays. I absolutely loved it! Writing was my safe haven. I had several journals filled with my writings. One day, I read my mom a short story from one of my journals. After I finished reading, she asked me where I got the book from, because she really enjoyed it. I said, “Mom I wrote it!” I may have been about eight years old at the time. She could not believe that someone so young wrote such a vivid and entertaining story. That was the moment I knew I had the juice. Lol! Fast forward twenty years later and I am now the owner of a Christian Apparel brand.  I would have never guessed that I would be creating t-shirts. I just knew that when I grew up I would be writing and starring in my own television shows, movies, and plays.  Designing shirts was never in the plan. It may not have been in my plans, but it sure was in God’s.

   About two years ago God gave me a vision of a t-shirt design.  Then he told me to go find out how to bring my design to fruition. Once I created my design, he gave me the vision to share it with others. At first, my plan was just to sell t-shirts. But God showed me that he wanted me to do more than sell t-shirts, he wanted me to spread a message. That was the message of God’s unwavering love.  He also wanted me to share that Christianity is not about living a life of perfection, but it is striving every day to have a relationship with God. Through spending time in fellowship and in God’s word, he will lead your heart to want to do what’s right.  

   Of course, I want to be a successful entrepreneur, but more than anything I want to bring people to Christ. I want to show people how awesome and multifaceted Christians are. For a long time, I did not feel comfortable telling people that I was a Christian. I did not want to deal with their judgment. Often times if people know you’re a Christian and they see you doing something they deem unchristlike, the first thing they say is “I thought you were a Christian, you don’t act like no Christian!” Oh my gosh, you have no idea how that irks my nerves! I finally got to a point where I no longer cared what people thought about my faith. I do not always do the right thing, but I am undoubtedly a Christian. If God still loves me through my faults, then why should I care how you feel?

   ONE4ALL is about embracing the freedom you have in Christ. No matter what stage of your life you are in, never let anything keep you from proudly declaring your Christianity!  You are ALWAYS loved by God. FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD. Peace and Blessings to you all!


  • Thank you Lena for your support and kind words! I am glad you have gotten to a place where you can be free in your love of God.

  • Absolutely love this post. I can attest to your feeling. I had to get to place where the opinion of man no longer festered my mind. I look forward to reading more and purchasing :)

    Lenae Brooks

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