One month down…forever to go!


ONE4ALL has officially been up and running for a little over a month. To some, that might not be a big deal. After years of working on my business, finally having it in operation means everything to me!

Entrepreneurship is one of the most exciting, nerve-racking, fulfilling, and anxiety-filled ventures, that I have ever experienced. I absolutely love working for myself, but working for yourself can also come with a lot of pressure. I am a lot harder on myself than any boss I’ve ever had! When you work for yourself, sometimes you are literally a one-man team. Thank God for the support of family and friends. However, as the face of my brand, I have to assume most of the responsibility.  If I am not as successful as I want to be (God forbid), then I am the one that is going to have to face the backlash. I know I should not care about the opinions of others, but let’s be real! No one wants to publicly fail!

Working for yourself also has some perks. You can set your own hours. Instead of working 9-5, you can work 11-7. But in all honesty, entrepreneurship feels like a 24-hour job. My mind never shuts off! I am constantly thinking about new ideas and ways to improve my business. I can’t even escape it in my sleep! I regularly dream about my business. On the contrary, there is no better feeling than people being inspired by your work. I love when people tell me my shirts are dope, but I love it, even more, when they tell me they are moved by the message behind the shirts.

I am so blessed to be going on this journey of entrepreneurship! Even though it has only been a month (God Willing), ONE4ALL will be around for along time. I would love to pass the company down to my children. I am on a mission to build generational wealth! I am also so blessed to have some amazing people in my corner. I want to thank EVERYONE for their support! Thank you to everyone who has purchased a t-shirt, spoke highly of my business to others, and liked or commented on a post. I also want to thank my amazing friends who have modeled a t-shirt or helped in any way with my photoshoots. You guys are the real MVPs! Thank you to my ONE4ALL family for taking this journey with me! Ya’ll continue to pray for your girl as I am praying for you guys!

As always, remember no matter what, you are loved….FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD!

                                                                         Be blessed.

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