No Karen Formed Against Me Shall Prosper


Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you are familiar with the term “Karen.” For those who are unaware, a Karen is a self-entitled, obnoxious, and often racist White Woman who uses her privilege to monitor other people’s behavior. If you search online, there are numerous videos of Karens hurling racial slurs and sometimes physically harming people. Most of the time their target is People of Color. I cannot tell you how many videos I have seen of Karens yelling at people “Go back to your county!” The behavior these women display is absolutely horrifying!

In many of the Karen encounter videos, the person on the receiving end of Karen’s wrath tends to stay fairly calm. I believe this is because People of Color in America know the consequences of getting into physical encounters with White People, especially White Women. People of Color are often made out to be the aggressor, even if they are the ones being victimized. In many cases, this has led to unwarranted arrests and abuse from the police.  During the Jim Crow era, Black men were lynched just for being accused of looking at White women. That type of fear is still engrained in today’s society. I am proud of people for keeping their composure during a Karen Attack. Sometimes I just wish more people would put Karen’s in their place, letting them know they will not tolerate their bullying and disrespect! Of course, this needs to be done nonviolently.

I began to think of a way that I could empower others concerning today’s racial injustice while incorporating a Faith-based theme. That is when I was inspired by God’s word to create the “NO KAREN FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER” phrase. I thought the expression was hilarious! Then I thought about how true the statement is. The Bible tells us that “No weapon formed against us shall prosper.” That weapon could come in the form of a negative action, thought, or person (Karen)!

The purpose of the t-shirt is not to offend anyone. It is meant as a reminder that you can rebuke anything or anyone that is hindering your path or calling from Christ. That is why you need your Karen tee! Whenever you are out and about and a Karen tries to stop your shine, you can just point to your Karen tee and let her know what time it is! NO KAREN FORMED AGAINST YOU WILL PROPER! Just remember in all you do, be like God and do it in love…FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD! Be blessed.



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