Christian & Woke?


I proudly declare myself to be Christian & Woke! I even went as far as to create a t-shirt line that includes a shirt with this declaration. What does it mean to be Christian & Woke? First, let’s break down each term. A Christian is a person that has accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They believe that he died on the cross for their sins and rose from the dead three days later. They have confessed this belief with their mouths and believe it with their hearts. Now let us define the term “Woke”.  According to Wikipedia, Woke as a political term is of African American origin and it refers to a perceived awareness of issues concerning social injustice and racial injustice. BINGO! I would say that is a pretty spot-on definition. Let’s put two and two together. A Woke Christian is a follower of Christ who is also aware of the issues surrounding social and racial injustice.

            According to this definition, being Woke Appears to be a positive attribute, but some people don’t agree. I have noticed that some people associate being Woke with being militant. These are two very different approaches to issues of injustice. Some people believe if you’re Woke, then you are Pro Black and if you’re Pro Black then you are anti others. That is also a false narrative. Being Pro Black is about standing up for the well-being and equality of Black people. Also, for a Black person it is about being proud of your Blackness. It does not have to involve denouncing or belittling other races.

            Ya’ll want to know who was one of the Wokest people to ever walk this planet? Jesus! Yep I said it, Jesus! He was very in tuned to the social and political issues that were affecting others. Look at how he stood up for the poor and for the sick. He publicly reprimanded Church leaders and City officials for their misuse of power. (Matthew 23:2-36) Jesus didn’t turn a blind eye to the suffering of others. He went out into the streets and demanded change. Jesus was a man of the people! There is a video on YouTube entitled “To Be Christian is to Be Woke,” by Sho Baraka. The video does an excellent job of breaking down what it means to be Christian & Woke, and how being Woke, (when done in the context of Christ) can bring about positive change.

            As a Christian, it our job is to continuously work towards being more like Jesus. So that means if Jesus stood up for what was right concerning others, then we should too. If Jesus did not turn a blind eye to injustice, then neither should we. Nowadays it appears every time you turn on the news there is another story about a Police Officer unjustly shooting and/or killing an unarmed person. Usually, it is a white officer shooting a person of color. The reason for the shootings are often rooted in racial inequality. When you see things like this going on around you, as a Christian, regardless of your race, how can you sit back in silence?! How can you not do everything in your power to make sure this cycle of senseless killings stops! If Jesus were still on Earth in his human form, I know for sure he would be on the frontlines speaking out about the injustice in today’s society. Jesus lives through his children, so it is our responsibility to create the change we want to see. Do not be ashamed to declare that you are Christian & Woke! Let the love of God shine through you…FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD! Be Blessed.


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